Artist Statement

Dan is creating works of art that evoke a strong sense of movement, emotion, and most importantly, captures the beauty and complexity of humanity at its fullest expression.

Something happened and I started creating sculptures as though the expression and artistry was being channeled through me.
— Dan Romero


Dan’s professional career started out as an actor in Los Angeles. He also worked as a producer, writer, production manager and film crew professional. His extensive film work has included working around the world in 16 countries and 40 states. Always keeping his interest in viewing art from everywhere he’s traveled, he became an avid art collector, buying and enjoying his growing art collection.


It was not until his work in San Francisco on a film project in 2015 that Dan got inspired and bought some clay and started sculpting in his hotel room with some wire and a piece of wood.

The result is what’s on view on these pages. Without formal training, Dan created these sculptures, and now studies at a local sculpture studio.